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 Before you Begin  

  This is an assessment tool the purpose of which is to assist you in placing in the appropriate World Language course at Southern Connecticut State University. You will need to respond to a number of questions that illicit your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary as well as your ability to read and comprehend texts in the target language. The format of this assessment is multiple choice.

When you have finished and submitted the survey, you will see a new window with our recommendation for your placement in the curriculum. The legend will tell you what score you received and what level you placed in.

You will have 90 minutes to complete the survey (if for some reason you leave the survey, you will not be able to return).

Good luck and have fun! We are looking forward to seeing you in our courses.

Please note: You may experience a delay when clicking "next" to move to the following page. The page will display in a few moments. Be sure not to click anywhere else while it is processing.

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